River of Life Christian Church - Prayer


Since the church is called to be “A house of prayer, for all nations” (Isaiah 56:7), we’re comfortable having prayer as part of everything we do in our church body. Prayer is the “Tap Root” of our spiritual life in God, both, as individuals, and as a church body. Andrew Murray said, “Prayer doesn’t prepare us for the work of God, prayer IS the work of the Lord.” 

Even worship, is totally dependent upon “Prayer”, therefore, a heartfelt desire and spiritual press for prayer, should be felt in everything we do. Our personal lives, our gatherings, our fellowship times, should all be influenced by prayer, and ready to respond to the need, or desire for prayer, at any time.

Our weekly gatherings, especially, are rallying times, for the Work of the Kingdom of God, and the “PUSH” for prayer is always front and center, in our gatherings. We’ll always enter into our worship and ministry gatherings with prayer, and will return to it, as we feel the need. We have chosen to be a “spirit led” congregation instead of being “Program led”. We feel this is what God wants us to do, including “praying in the Spirit” as we feel led. If God’s not ashamed to pour out His Holy Spirit upon all flesh, as He did in Acts 2: 1-4 , then we’re not ashamed of the Holy spirit or  of His manifestations through the Church.

It’s our desire to see every believer making progress in their spiritual life, no matter what their age might be. Paul states in Ephesians 6:18, that we can learn how to pray with “all kinds of prayer”, so, we want to see every believer equipped and empowered, by the spirit of God, to be able to pray with “all kinds of Prayer”, as the need demands. ( Thanksgiving, petition, repentance, waiting, seeking, declaring, proclaiming, agreement, intercession, etc.)