River of Life Christian Church - Mainstream


MainStream is our midweek ministry for all ages that is focused on “Making Disciples”. This is where we dig in a little more, and work to seek out the truth of God’s Word together, and to share our lives together as God’s family. It allows us to know one another, by the spirit, and to deepen the Word of God in our hearts and minds.

Without opportunities like these, we would become surface believers, who have NO ROOT IN THEMSELVES (Mark 4:17). Jesus didn’t tell His followers to Go make CONVERTS in Mathew 28:19…..He told them to GO AND MAKE “DISCIPLES”…DISCIPLINED FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST! Therefore our MainStream ministry is committed to getting God’s people into The Word of God, and The Word of God into God’s people. And learning to do this together, is essential for learning to be THE BODY OF CHRIST. The sooner our kids, or anyone else develops the habit of being part of God’s family, the more blessed they’re going to be in their future.